Friday, October 29, 2010

Selling Pond Slime

My first real success in building a downline was way back in the mid 70's.

There was a company that advocated and offered spirulina as a superfood for daily consumption. You may have heard of it. Light Force was the name. It was a tad ahead of its time in spirit.

Eventually it got absorbed by Royal something-or-other. I forget the name. Probably shouldn't have stopped eating that pond slime.

Long before that I was squeezed out by demotivation. The big demotivating event was the abandonment of the local downline organization by the leaders.

They suddenly decided to move away. They believed that the organization was self motivating at that point. They were wrong.

There was a local leadership couple in their downline that went on to become the biggest downline builders. They were not in my upline, so I just didn't pay attention.

Stuff like this happens. Then, the hitters say we jump from one deal to another.

Is this a case of "Blame the victim?"